1705667Steve Harriott Chief Executive of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme

Brian was a key member of my Executive team; customer focused, leading by example, not afraid to roll his sleeves up, a great networker and somebody you want with you when the going get’s tough! One of housing’s stars!





Richard Purchase Director at Purchase Enterprises

I worked with Brian closely over a number of years. I was able to witness first hand his keen strategic mind, incisive decision making with a friendly and engaging personality. He was well respected by colleagues, non-executives, stakeholders and partners. A knowledgeable and rounded housing professional he knows how to get to the heart of a problem and solve it!





Mo Quadri Head of HR at SAHA

Brian is professional and forward thinking and demonstrates in depth knowledge and experience in a variety of sectors and fields. I have no hesitation in recommending Brian.






Steve Walker Encourager

Brian proved to be a highly capable Chief Executive of Swale Housing – part of AmicusHorizon. Brian has exceptional leadership, motivational and interpersonal skills.

Brian had both the respect and loyalty of the staff teams reporting to him. He used this with best effect to deliver a step change in both the confidence and performance of Swale Housing.

Brian’s communication skills and positive approach allowed him to build strong external relationships with our key partners in Kent.

Brian has an excellent reputation, is confident, self aware and very passionate about what he does and what he stands for. Brian is hugely positive, honest, and straightforward and has the uncanny ability to ensure a ‘win win’ no matter how difficult the issue.

I saw at first hand how empowered Brian’s staff were, indicative of his ability to build a confident team who want to do a great job. He cares about what he does and invests as much time and energy as is required to get the job done.

Brian was an excellent ambassador – and left a brilliant legacy for us to build upon.

013fe55Owen Ingram Interim Chief Executive

Brian has a whole range of skills that he uses at appropriate times. He is an excellent manager of staff and I saw him managing his staff teams during considerable time of change and job losses. Brian is equally good at managing different groups of service users and tenants. Brian has also a good command of policy and practice, which enables him to manage well and ensure good service.




1535b28Sarah Paxton Development Consultant

Brian is committed to social housing and has a strong drive for results. He is passionate and committed with strong analytical skills and a great team worker.


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